in oil, pastel and watercolor by Slawa Radziszewska


Slawa arrived in the United States from Poland in 1995. Raised in an artistic family, she showed skill in drawing at an early age. With a keen eye for facial expressions, she soon produced exceptionally mature figure paintings. She developed her talent in portraiture further in college while taking science courses at the same time. Slawa received an advanced degree in Physics (theory of light) and afterward enjoyed a successful career teaching science and art. She was recognized and honored by the Department of Education for designing visual teaching aids for the classroom.

In United States, she studied Life Drawing at CU Boulder, attended workshops, developed her career as a professional portrait artist and as an art teacher and participated in art shows. She specializes in realistic portraiture, figure painting and other representational imagery. She works from live models or photos, using oils, pastels, charcoal, or watercolor. She also teaches portraiture and oil painting techniques at Lakewood Cultural Center and Foothills Art Center in Golden. Slawa believes that in creating art we fulfill our potential and that in learning new skills, we always stretch ourselves beyond our limits. As a result, this process can bring joy not only to us,  but to others as well.

Unlike the instantaneous en masse – made photographs, Slawa’s painted portraits not only capture the physical likeness of a person, but they also contain insights into the soul. With Slawa’s assistance you can make a unique statement of love and gratitude in rich, vibrant colors. There are no better occasions for doing this than graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays of your loved ones.

Slawa currently resides in Arvada, Colorado.

Phone: (303) 278-6937, slawna@earthlink.net